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San Francisco Attractions

The cable car up the hills is a crucial aspect of San Francisco since 1873.  Lines run from Hallidie Plaza off Union Square, and Market Streets to Fisherman’s Wharf. The Powell &Hyde is the steepest, reaching a scary 21 degree grade between Lombard and Chestnut Streets. The Cable Car Museum and Powerhouse shows the huge motors which still power these cables

Attractions in San Francisco

In the Financial District make time to see Lotta’s Fountain  a popular San Francisco sight. Height Ashbury downtown was a neglected Victorian area until it was changed  radically during the 1960s, by the hippes and the Flower People. Wander round the shops for alternative bookstores, clothing stores, cafes.

The city has wonderful green spaces such as The Golden Gate, which is the best and safest park. The most popular museum is Young Museum full of art from before the Revolution to the present day.

Take in many other sights, restaurants and clubs. Contact: Gray Kine Tours. t. 415/434-8687.

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