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Las Palmas Holidays

Las Palmas

Cheap Holidays in Las Palmas - The Capital of Gran Canaria Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria anda verycosmopolitan city. Its a great place for cheap holidays, but has many industries outside of tourism. It was one of the busiest ports in the world for years...

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Maspalomas Holidays


Bargain Holidays in Maspalomas - A BeautifulResort The Maspalomas resort offers smarter, luxury hotels for a Gran Canaria holiday. An additional attraction is the excellent golf course. A huge stretch of sand dunes separates Maspalomas from Playa de Ingles, full of...

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Playa Del Ingles Holidays

Playa Del Ingles

Cheap Holidays in Playa Del Ingles -Large and Lively Playa del Ingles is the largest Gran Canaria holiday resort and the second largest in the whole of Europe in fact, which gives you some idea of what to expect here. Not a tiny fishing village! If it’s mingling...

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Puerto Rico Holidays

Puerto Rico

Cheap Holidays inPuerto Rico- Many Attractions Looking for a family holiday to Gran Canaria? Puerto Rico is a popular family resort town that gets rather busy at the height of the season. Puerto Rico is a great place to make the most of the sea, whether it’s...

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