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Tours And Twin Centres

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Tours and twin centres – Escorted tours of exotic places

If you want to get right into the thick of it, a Tour is an excellent bet. Not only do you get to experience parts of your holiday destination that you'd have never otherwise discovered. You get to find out all about it at the same time. Lying on a beach for more than an hour makes some people fidget. Give it two hours and they're practically expiring with boredom and frustration. If that sounds like you, take an escorted tour holiday. You can book tours of an amazing variety of brilliant places; from Peru to Paris, LA to the Alps. If you're sensitive about safety, a tour is the best possible way of experiencing exotic and interesting places without getting into hot water!

Tours and twin centres – Twice the fun

Twin centre holidays are great fun if you've got the time. Twin centre city breaks are popular, taking in two major cities packed with attractions and exotica. Spend a few days in Moscow then transfer to St Petersburg for the rest of your holiday. Or get your cold weather knickers on and head for Reykjavik and Akureyri, a twin centre holiday that combines the capitals of North and South Iceland. Because all your travel arrangements are made for you, you spend time enjoying the sights rather than having arguments about map reading and incomprehensible bus timetables.

Tours and twin centres – Everything's arranged for you

Tour holidays often take you to unusual destinations off the beaten path. That's the whole idea – you get a real flavour of the country you're visiting, far from the usual tourist hot spots and nightlife. The real thing but a few steps up from backpacking. You can even take in a twin centre holiday on an escorted tour basis and get the best of several worlds. If you've got a fortnight free, a twin centre holiday in the US is enormous fun. Hit Miami for a few days. Take your choice of flights to the Bahamas. Chill in tropical paradise for five days then fly home. There are loads of deals like this around, most of which throw in free excursions while they're at it.

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