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Ski Holidays

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Ski holidays – Fast paced excitement for adrenaline junkies

If the thought of hurtling down a forty five degree slope in freezing weather wearing the least attractive clothing known to mankind gives you a buzz, you'll be in the market for ski holidays. On the positive side, whizzing through crystal clear air below an unfeasibly blue sky with mountains all around you must be exhilarating. Skiing used to be the sport of the rich but these days everyone's at it. Resorts come in all flavours from small, intimate and traditional to purpose built dormitory monsters. Europe used to be the place to go but since the advent of cheap flights over the Atlantic, North America and the Rockies has become a firm favourite. Ski holidays? Stick a pin in any mountain range on the map and you'll probably find ski action of some sort or another there.

Skiing holidays – Europe and the US Rocky Mountains

Skiing holidays in Scotland used to be a popular alternative to heading into Europe but climate change is having an impact and there's less and less snow to be had in the Highlands. Even the Alps are ringing the changes. Most ski resorts have invested in snow machines, necessary when snow can no longer be guaranteed. Despite this ski holidays are still an enduringly popular way to have a break and get yourself fit (or injured|) at the same time. We hate to be boring, but it really is a good idea to bite the bullet and buy some decent holiday insurance just in case. Yawn.

Ski holidays – Chalets and hotels

Ski holidays often come with chalet accommodation and some of the bigger chalets can house thousands of skiers under one roof. Actually, we lied. They can't… but you'll easily find a chalet big enough to accommodate an large and enthusiastic gang of skiing friends. If ski holidays are your favourite kind of break and there's only as few of you, hotels vary from expensive to bargain basement. Après ski is taken very seriously everywhere so expect a vivid nightlife wherever you end up.

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