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Flydrive Holidays

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Flydrive holidays – Total flexibility

What's a flydrive holiday? You fly to somewhere cool then pick up a hire car and… drive! Flydrive holidays are some of the most flexible holidays around. Many fly drive holiday operators leave things completely open, so you can turn up and drive any day of the week or time of day. After all, the whole fly-drive thing is about freedom and flexibility, the opportunity to take chances and change plans on a whim rather than sticking to plans. We suppose it makes sense that there are so many fly drive holidays available in the States. They love their cars. Once you're out of the cities the roads are endless and relatively jam-free. And the place is tailor made for Jack Kerouac moments.

Fly drive holidays – Choose the right car

Because the idea behind a flydrive holiday is total freedom, they'll let you choose your car. Maybe you can't leave home without seventeen tons of luggage and the kitchen sink. If so, you need a massive car with a big boot. If you're sensitive about your carbon footprint (ours is very small but our chocolate footprint is enormous) you'll probably be in the market for a flydrive holiday that offers something a little more environmentally responsible. Route 66, although it doesn't actually run right across the States, is a favourite with Harley Davidson obsessed middle aged men. Many a Financial Director has headed for the US, expensive bike leathers at the ready, for riding-into-the-sunset fly drive holidays of a lifetime.

Fly & Drive holidays – Motorhomes for families

Many flydrive holiday operators offer motorhomes. You know those massive great van-come- caravan jobbies that have all the facilities of home. Gas – or 'petrol' in real money – doesn't come cheap these days and big boys like this take an enormous amount of fuel. We recommend you do a few sums before you arrange a fly drive holiday so you know roughly how much you'll be spending on fuel. Once you've picked up your car, the world's your oyster. Just go!


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