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Disney Holidays

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Disney holidays – Two theme parks

Cruise holidays went out of fashion for a while but they're back with a vengeance. Some of the new cruise ships are absolutely vast, like floating cities. If you've ever got hopelessly lost on a cross channel ferry, take a ball of string if you go on a cruise. Tie it to your wrist and unravel it behind you wherever you go. Then simply follow the string back to your cabin. Voila! See, we're full of good ideas. Cruise holidays… imagine chilling on a spotless deck watching the blue sea recede into the distance. Stand on the bow with the wind in your hair watching the sparkling water churning far below. Gamble your life savings in a casino that makes Las Vegas look a bit crap. Or seduce the Captain.

Disney holidays – Disney takes over the world

Disney holidays involve much more than the theme parks we've all heard of. They arrange and host kids' parties and cater for special occasions. You can arrange for Goofy or Mickey Mouse or whatever to telephone you – or more likely your kids - with a friendly message. They'll send you an interactive Holiday Planner DVD if you ask for one. They offer flight inclusive holidays. You can even go trekking in out of the way places with a specially trained Disney Guide or take a Disney Cruise. We sometimes worry in case Walt Disney is taking over the world, but that's only when we're very bored. As long as Disney holidays tour guides and cruise ship staff don't take to wearing mouse outfits and false ears I guess we'll be OK.

Disney holidays – Kids love it, insanity for grown ups

To be honest, if you don't have kids Disney World and Disneyland would probably drive you insane within a few minutes. Disney holidays must be unbelievably exciting to children but it isn't every grown up's cup of tea. Thankfully the countryside around all three resorts is well worth escaping into and there are loads of alternatives to keep you sane. But if you can bear it, you can happily spend your entire holiday within the walls of any of the three Disney resorts. There's everything you could possibly need there.


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