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Cruise Holidays

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Cruise holidays – Back with a vengeance

Cruise holidays went out of fashion for a while but they're back with a vengeance. Some of the new cruise ships are absolutely vast, like floating cities. If you've ever got hopelessly lost on a cross channel ferry, take a ball of string if you go on a cruise. Tie it to your wrist and unravel it behind you wherever you go. Then simply follow the string back to your cabin. Voila! See, we're full of good ideas. Cruise holidays… imagine chilling on a spotless deck watching the blue sea recede into the distance. Stand on the bow with the wind in your hair watching the sparkling water churning far below. Gamble your life savings in a casino that makes Las Vegas look a bit crap. Or seduce the Captain.

Cruises – Relax, sunbathe, dance the night away

Seriously, cruise holidays are a fantastically relaxing way of seeing the world. And cruise ships are masterpieces of ingenuity. If you get the chance, ask to see round the engine room if they're up for it. We love ships and the hidden bits are some of the most interesting. Above the guts of the ship you'll discover shops, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs, cafes, bars and a billion places to sit and watch the world go by. If you're lucky, you might come across an exotic migrant. Migrating birds often use cruise ships to rest on before continuing on to wherever they're heading for. Sometimes they stick around for days chilling with the passengers.

Cruise holidays – Luxury above decks, fascinating below

A cruise holiday is an all inclusive holiday by nature… check the details of your deal and you'll probably find that the only thing you have to pay for is gifts and souvenirs on ship and shore. We forgot to say that they let you off the shop now and again to stretch your legs on an exotic island, millionaire-style marina or bustling port. Hit the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, The Pacific or the Atlantic and… relax!

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