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City Breaks

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City breaks – Weekends, long weekends and short breaks

Pick a city. Any city. Then head there for a break. If lying on the beach isn't your style, a city break might be just the thing. Picture yourself in Budapest, eating an ice cream on the bridge between the two halves of the city. Imagine you and your lover meandering around Paris in the springtime, quaffing champagne and stealing a swift snog in front of the Mona Lisa. We don't think she looks enigmatic, just smug. Or guiding your family on a cit break around the fantasy that is Venice; stunning misty sunsets over the canals, Gondola rides and enough gold in the churches to gold leaf the whole of Birmingham. That's probably a fib, but Venice's churches take bling to a whole new level.

City breaks – Europe, the US, India…

Many European cities are close enough to pop over for a weekend city break. 'Long weekend' city breaks are popular with couples, families and stag & hen parties. In the olden days you'd have a stag night or hen night in a decent local pub, totter off to a club afterwards then head for home and bed. Now you take your family, all your mates and everyone else you can think of away for a city break weekend. Because low cost flights have become a part of the scenery in recent years, taking a city break as become the norm rather than a luxury.

City breaks – London, Paris, Rome, LA, Delhi

If you'd rather spread your holidays across the year than blow them in one o two goes, city break holidays are ideal. Split your 20-odd days off a year five ways and you get five four day mini-holidays. If you play your cards right, you can go off on an exiting city break every couple of months all year round. Prague , Paris , Rome , Madrid and Milan … how's that for a year's worth of city break heaven?

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